I grew up as a kid in suburban Chicago who had a pretty ordinary routine during the fall and winter. While most of my friends would wake up on Saturday morning and watch cartoons, I watched college football and baseball. I didn’t care who was playing, I just wanted to see baseball, football. The majority of the time in the midwest, that meant only one thing: Big Ten football.

I devoured it, I loved it, and I had no favorites. I just wanted to see the games, and it’s a passion that only grew as I got older. Now that I’m writing about sports on a regular basis, I figured I should have an outlet to share my passion for what I consider the best conference in college football.

And that outlet is here.

Blog Ten is a blog dedicated solely to Big Ten football. Whether it’s news, opinion, analysis or humor, Blog Ten has the entire Big Ten conference covered.

It is written and maintained by Tom Fornelli whose work can also be found at Foul Balls and FanHouse.