The New Softball Season is Coming

I don’t know about you, but when softball season is on, my life gets hectic! Not only do I coach, but 3 of my daughters are also playing. In any one week we’re at 12 practices and up to 8 games! Then there’s our dogs that need our attention every day too.

And this week i have to researching and looking for the fastpitch softball bats as well as fastpitch softball gloves for my daughters. Finding the good softball bat deals in these days not easy because there are many bats out there. and clearly i have more busy in this time. Come on! but I’m really lucky, finally, I found the fastpitch softball bat that my girls like through the instructions on the websites related to softball. If you want to have the latest information about the 2023 fastpitch bat reviews you can refer there. Because there are many articles and guides about bats on those blogs and websites. They will help you pick right.

During the fast-pace of the season it’s very easy for life to become “un-balanced.” We spend less time talking to our children about things other than the game. We feel like there is NO free time during the week. Then the weekend comes and it’s busier than the week was.

Every now and then I feel like I’m about to burst at the seams or like I’m not paying enough attention to the important things in life and I’m not paying enough attention to the kids in general.

As tough as it may seem, it’s important to try to provide for “free time.” I know, sounds crazy huh? But you know what, it’s probably one of the best things you can do. This is something I have a tough time with because, with sooooo much to do, I feel like if I sit and just relax or do “nothing” I’m wasting time. I feel like I should be up and about doing “something” because there’s bound to be something un-done that I can fill that time with.

I just realized, however, that this “free time” is quite important. It made the list of “Nine Ways to Balance Sports and Family Life.” This is a 2-page article and the 9 tips are on the 2nd page. Read the article HERE.

When the new softball season starts, it’s time to revisit your role in the softball game of your children. Below are the some of Common Sports Parenting Mistake you should read for make the right do in sports career of your children.

A Very Common Sports Parenting Mistake

I know you’ve seen parents make this mistake before. Maybe you’re even guilty of it too. Fastpitch softball has become so super competitive in just the past 10 years or so and everyone wants their daughter to be able to keep up. But are you making a mistake that could end your daughter’s career prematurely?

You may be surprised to find out that young athletes hobble into the sports-medicine clinic of Children’s Hospital Boston on a DAILY basis! Doctors say that many of the aches and pains are simply from playing too hard, too often.

Places like the sports-medicine clinic at the Children’s Hosptial Boston are being flooded with overuse injuries. Overuse injuries have risen significantly in the past decade.

One of the contributing factors? Youth sports specialization! Lots of training in only one sport all year long. This can actually be harmful to your child if you’re not careful. Even Mia Hamm, star soccer player, tells kids to avoid early specialization.

As a parent what can you do? Doctors advise monitoring the amount of time your child is putting in to their sport. This also means that if you child’s coach already demands a lot, DON’T ADD TO IT!

Waiting until your child gets hurt to make an adjustment may be too late. By then, it’s possible your child’s career could be over far too early.

And for preparing for coach role I also refer some of blogs to learning about tips Success in Softball.

Tips Success in Softball

I just finished reading blog of Marvin a blog about tips for Baseball and Softball. This site which many softball coaches use as required reading for their team.

Marvin shared some very interesting information. Most of which I already knew, but the thing about hearing someone else talk about it is that they often can put it in a slightly different perspective or help you see it in a different light.

Because they talk about it in a different way or explain it in a different way it can help you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts or give you a better idea of how to apply the concepts to your life more effectively.

One thing that he did mention was an acronym for win that I had never heard before and I thought it was a pretty clever, very accurate acronym. He also goes into practice, focus, the law of attraction, understanding team spirit, the true nature of the game and more.

I also really like a point he makes about the true nature of the game and how he describes something – allowing circumstances around you to affect your performance.

Like I said, it was something I already understood as a concept, but he talked about it in a different manner from a different approach and it just opened up a better understanding of it for me.

I hope you have a full view for new softball season via this article. if you have any comments please let me know below. Thank you!

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